Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Canon is making us happy...

You really can't go wrong with the Canon 5d mark II and Canon 7d setup. For the working photographer you get some of the best technology available in these two camera bodies, and don't have to fork out over 10k to get there.  Yes there are advantages to having the Canon "Flagship" 1d series, but you have to pay soooo much! For less than 5k (which is the price of just one 1d Mark IV) you can have two AMAZING camera bodies that are total work horses, and another plus, they share the same battery! (Don't forget to download the new firmware update 2.0.3 for the 5d mark II here)

They also come more compact than the 1d series, which can be so bulky, solid yes, but bulky nonetheless. You can beef up your arsenal with battery packs, but when you use these cameras for their awesome HD video capabilities, its nicer to have a smaller, more maneuverable camera body. The way the 7d was designed was definitely with video in mind, and currently has the most video-friendly setup. The versatility of these two camera bodies that both feature over 18 megapixels, DiGiC 4 processors, up to 8fps, auto sensor cleaning, high ISOs, and 24, 30, & 60 frame rates is both mind blowing and exciting.

Also for the photographer that doesn't want to or doesn't have the ability to invest the 5k into a 5d Mark II and 7d, don't forget the 50d & Rebel T1i (T2i is coming out soon) camera body options. For less than 2k you can own two great cameras that will except every single lens in the Canon EF & EF-s mounts. Not to mention that the Canon G11 gives you RAW images in a camera you can fit in your pocket!

Thank you Canon for the world of possibilities that is opening up for all of us. From the hobbyist to the highest paid professional, there is a camera in their lineup for everyone. And thank you Nikon for pushing Canon to be better :o) We are not endorsed by Canon, but man we love their products!

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