Monday, March 22, 2010

ATTN: San Diego Music Scene!!!

This post is for all of you local Musicians, DJs, Poets etc... 

Here at San Diego Action Media we are working on a lot of film projects, and we need music for them! if you check out our latest Promo featuring a song by DJ Kechup, it will give you an idea of how we would love to involve the local San Diego music scene with our films. If you are interested in having one of your songs, spoken word, DJ productions featured, either e-mail us the track to:

Or mail us a demo at:

PO BOX 420297
San Diego, CA 92142

If possible, we would love to only feature San Diego native music in our films. If we do use something of yours we will make sure we get you credit. Try to keep it clean. If you're song has too many negative themes or profanity, we most likely will not use it.

Thanks, and have a wonderful sunny San Diego week!

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