Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bring You're Adventures Home w/ The GoPro Hero HD!!!

So a few weeks ago we decided we wanted to take our videos to a new level and bring our friends along for the ride on our adventures. After researching a few different ultra mobile video cameras, the GoPro HD was the clear winner. Not only does it offer full 1080p HD video @ 30fps, it also has 960p @ 30fps, and 720p @ 60fps so you can slow those epic video clips down to silky smooth slo-mo. It supports up to a 32gig SD memory card and even has an HDMI Out plug, so you can view your videos on your larger than life TV right after you've lived larger than life outside. With 3 different kits available for Motorsports, Helmet Cam applications, and Surfing the mounting capabilities are virtually endless. Oh and did we mention this little guy comes in a completely water-proof housing up to 180feet?

We decided the Helmet Hero kit would get the most use here at San Diego Action Media. We also picked up, separately, the suction cup mount available in the Motorsports kit.

Recently we took a trip up to Mammoth Lakes, CA to mess around with our new toy on the steeps of Mammoth Mountain. It took a few trial and error runs to really dial it in but at the end of the weekend were very pleased with the results. Check out our new video and see for yourself. We will definitely be using this for great POV clips in our videos from here on out.

SDAM Mammoth Weekend 04/10 from San Diego Action Media on Vimeo.

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